About Joanna

Joanna first fell in love with bellydance more than 10 years ago, and has never looked back. Her studies began in Anchorage, AK, in American Tribal Style, Turkish and Egyptian. She has since studied many different styles through workshops and ongoing classes. Her most influential teachers include Morocco, Artemis, John Compton of Hahbi Ru, Mira Betz, Myra Krien, Heather Stants, Isadora Bushkovski, Ruby Beh, Rachel Brice and many more. With such a varied education, Joanna loves taking the best from every class and every teacher, and blending it into her own distinct style, best described as Modern American Bellydance.

Joanna is a certified Self Esteem and Empowerment through Dance (SEEDs) instructor through Myra Krien of Pomegranate Studios, and is certified in Phase 1 of Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements program. She is the 2012 Alternative Solo champion of the La Danse Orientale competition, and also won the Alternative Troupe champion title in 2011 with Nagamani Dance Co.

Joanna performs regularly in and around Portland. She has performed at Salon L’Orient at the Fez, Bellydance Uncorked, Raq the Casbah with Ritim Egzotic, Bella Notte at the Hawthorne Theater, at Marino’s, with Arabesque at the Blue Monk and Hoda’s, and more. Check the performance page for more info.

In both her classes and performances, Joanna loves to explore the whole world of bellydance, from ancient to modern and everything in between. She also considers it vital to incorporate concepts from yoga and pilates into her instruction to enable her students to get the most out of every movement and truly become dancers. 

Joanna is also passionate about dance as a vehicle for mentorship and healing for women of all ages. She is currently developing a weeklong program of dance and real-world guidance for pre-teen girls.

She believes, as Martha Graham so eloquently stated, that dance is the hidden language of the soul, and strives to share this passion through teaching and performing.


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